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To get the total of the employees born in the same year, use this query.

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We call count once with the first version of the Count operator and get back the number 25.Count (LINQ) Enumerable.Count is extension method from System.Linq namespace.

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After trying for hours I decided to post:( Giving the following table.LINQ to SQL: GroupBy() One aspect of LINQ I have not covered yet is the equivalent of a GROUP BY in SQL. Here we get a list of Postal Codes, a Count().

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The.NET API Reference documentation has a new home. Visit the.NET API Browser on to see the new experience.LINQ GroupBy Explanations and Examples. We have a grouping with a color as the key and any number of the same colors as the collection.Using Linq to get data of a list within a list matching a search criteria.

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LINQ Tutorials for beginners - Learn LINQ Aggregation operator - Count.Using custom grouping operators in LINQ. the number of trades in the group and an average price in the group.

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Visual Studio users: You must have a project reference for System.Data.Linq in order to get Intellisense prompts for the field names when you type x.


Hey frnds i want to generate a Sr. No. in grid of all The Records using linq to sql query. i have done this thing in Sql Query but i want to do it with linq. select.

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Then if we want to expand on that to just get the count of those products then we will create a query that looks like this.

Returns the number of elements in the specified sequence that satisfies a condition.

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Normally we will use grouping to get the group count or group max, min of the items.

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I want to query a data table and find out how MANY rows match the selection.

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